Secondary Science Resources

Secondary Science Resources

secondary science

Secondary Science Resources have three main aims:

  • To develop the ability to have effective two-way conversations with people (dialogue) on a range of scientific issues
  • To gather examples of where this has worked well and share this learning across all Government departments
  • To make sure that taking part in this type of two-way conversation becomes part of the normal everyday process of policy making in the UK

In order to achieve this, Secondary Science Resources work with policy makers in a number of different ways. It helps them identify areas of future policy in which they might need to know people's opinions.

Online Science Education

It helps them develop a range of different activities in which scientists, experts and members of the public can come together on an equal footing to talk through the issues. In some cases, it provides funding to help policy makers commission specialists to carry out this conversation.

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It then monitors the resulting project to make sure everyone's opinions are heard and taken into account.